Gary Francis Fine Art Consulting


Purchase Art with Confidence

Many of us love and appreciate art. Our inherent desire is to live and work in interior spaces that are in harmony with our identity and lifestyle and that visually enhance and enrich our lives. Gary Francis Fine Art provides art consulting and valuation services to collectors, business owners and individuals, who are considering purchasing or selling a work of fine art.

Our expertise is helping clients purchase art confidently. Our goal is to make the experience of buying art enjoyable and satisfying for everyone. We work with each individual client, one-on-one, to understand his or her needs, aesthetic taste and lifestyle, as well as, financial considerations; and to provide the appropriate level of information each buyer needs to understand and feel comfortable with the purchase.

We have experience working with business owners to procure art pieces that enhance their brand and professional image, and customer experience. The art displayed in a waiting room or office lobby can help owners present the suitable tone for their business.

  • We help business owners select and purchase art for professional offices, such as law, medical, accounting and counseling offices, to aesthetically enhance their business and customer experience
  • We provide appraisal services and accept art for sale on consignment, such as art received as gifts or inheritance, and purchased at auction or estate sales
  • We advise home owners in selecting and purchasing art pieces for their primary or secondary residence that complements the style of their home, lifestyle and aesthetic taste
  • We counsel individuals in developing their knowledge about art investing and assisting them in locating pieces to enhance their collection

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